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Can Constipation Cause Vomiting ?

Are you wondering about the question “can constipation cause vomiting ?”. Yes, vomiting during Constipation? Undoubtedly, they face something worse than constipation and need to call your doctor first because of vomiting constipation is not a normal condition.



Constipation is the only condition that causes hardening of the stool, which is very difficult to pass and may take two or three weeks to return to normal. Long-term constipation has caused more complex problems, including fecal impaction and leads from abdominal pain to weakness, muscle fatigue, and vomiting colon cancer and the need for emergency treatment and must be hospitalized. Stomach vomiting is a worse condition of long-term constipation. Fecal vomiting often occurs when the bowel does not normally occur.

So if you are facing severe symptoms that constipation and stools hard end intestinal transit, because you should consult your doctor as soon as possible, because you are confused between constipation and other stomach upset serious.


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