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Constipation in Early Pregnancy

On the question “is constipation a sign of early pregnancy or constipation in early pregnancy ”, a great many women will answer “Yes! Definitely!”

Constipation is one of the very first signs of early pregnancy. It is also a very dangerous condition while pregnant because of the serious complications that it can cause in your pregnancy. There are various steps to take in order to avoid constipation while you are pregnant.

It is good general practice to drink lots of water during your early pregnancy, as well as later during your term. The correct diet is also very important during your early pregnancy and later, in order to prevent constipation while pregnant.

If you can avoid it at all, do not take iron supplements. The iron in these supplements is not taken into the bloodstream and remains in your gut, which causes the iron residues to turn tarry and sticky. This results in the waste not being able to move through the intestines properly, and this causes constipation. It is better to eat foods containing iron than to take iron supplements.

In order to get enough iron by means of your normal diet, you can eat foods that are rich in iron, such as Broccoli, Spinach, Eggs, Liver, etc. These foods provide enough iron to supply your needs during your early pregnancy and later, and you do not need any iron supplement at all. Supplements, in general, should be avoided since it is better to eat the correct foods to provide the nutrients that your body needs, and so avoid constipation in early pregnancy.

Try to avoid foods with high gluten content, such as white bread, white rice, and pasta. These foods are not easily digestible while you are pregnant. During your early pregnancy, you should avoid constipation by eating foods that are easily digestible. To avoid constipation in early pregnancy, you should eat foods with enough fiber to ensure easy bowel movements.

You should consume around 2600 calories per day in the form of foods that are nutritious and easily digestible.  In order to avoid constipation in early pregnancy, eat enough fruit and veggies, high fiber foods, nuts, and seeds. Make sure you eat enough foods with good oils such as Olive Oil and Coconut oil, as well as flax seed oil and fish oil. Following the correct diet will provide all the nutrients that you and your unborn baby need, and you will avoid constipation in your early pregnancy.

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Eat enough meat and fish, enough cooked and raw fruit and veggies of all colors and also oils like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and butter. Also, include eggs and a variety of nuts, and eat butter rather than yellow margarine. Make sure that your diet contains a fair amount of animal fats also. Nuts are also very good and will help prevent constipation in early pregnancy.

One of the biggest reasons for constipation in early pregnancy is the body’s increased supply of progesterone, which is a hormone that is released to relax your muscles. This also relaxes the smooth abdominal muscles, and it becomes difficult for the intestines to eliminate waste. This causes constipation in early pregnancy.

To avoid constipation in early pregnancy, it is important to eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it sets your digestive system in motion. This is why it is important to eat a healthy breakfast. Being pregnant is difficult enough, so you should avoid at all costs to be constipated in early pregnancy.

If at some point you do have constipation in early pregnancy, take some Olive oil neat, followed by a glass of water with some honey and lemon as well as some Apple Cider Vinegar. This will reduce the pain of constipation in early pregnancy. Prune juice will also help constipation in early pregnancy.When you battle for a long time, a large helping of boiled bean seeds will help.

You should also take good quality probiotics daily. Natural yogurt, Kefir, and Sauerkraut are all good sources of probiotics. Probiotics are live good bacteria that help balance the gut flora in your digestive tract. When you buy yogurt, make sure that the LAC (LiveActive Cultures) logo is displayed on the container. If it does not have that logo, then it is not probiotic yogurt because the preservatives in the yogurt have already killed all the bacteria. Making sure that the LAC logo is displayed on the container ensures that the yogurt you eat is REAL yogurt that will help combat constipation in early pregnancy.

Including enough water in your diet will help you not to become constipated in early pregnancy. Water softens the stool and prevents constipation. Start your day with a glass of water containing the juice of a lemon before you have breakfast.

Also very important is to regularly pay a visit to the bathroom to empty your bowels. This will also help prevent constipation in early pregnancy.

Get enough exercise. A long walk every day is a great idea. Someone that walks a lot does not have a problem with constipation, even while pregnant.Good exercise, probiotics, and a proper diet will help prevent constipation in early pregnancy.

Also important is to sleep enough and avoid stressful situations. Stress interferes with your sleeping pattern and if you do not get enough sleep you become anxious and tense, and your muscles can go into spasm, and muscle tension will lead to constipation in early pregnancy.

In short, you have to get enough sleep and avoid stress in order to avoid constipation. Research has shown that stress is actively involved in causing constipation. Not getting enough sleep can, therefore, aggravate constipation in early pregnancy.

Don’t forget to get enough exercise and sleep, and drink enough H2O (water) during your early pregnancy. Exercise, sleep, and water is a great combination to avoid constipation in your early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy is a high-risk period in your life for constipation, but as we saw in this article, constipation in early pregnancy can be avoided.




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