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Karo Syrup for Infant Constipation

One of the most stressful situations for parents of young infants is when their baby has constipation. It is quite a common site for parents of newborn babies to run into a pharmacy and get something to relieve the baby’s constipation. Nursing babies seldom get constipation, but the situation is quite different with formula-fed babies. The formulas used to feed babies are made from non-human milk sources, and this can lead to different kinds of irregularities. One such irregularity is constipation. So, now the question is “Karo Syrup for Infant constipation”, how much effective? Instead of using even more unnatural substances to remedy the situation of a baby having constipation, it is a much better alternative to using Karo syrup for your baby’s constipation.

One of those home remedies that some individuals mention is using Karo syrup to assist a constipated kid.

karo-syrup-for-infant-constipationKaro syrup is a brand of corn syrup. There one two types of corn syrup, light corn syrup and dark corn syrup. Karo light corn syrup has a vanilla taste. Some sources state that it is made with real vanilla, while other sources state that merely contains vanilla flavoring.

Similarly, some sources claim that dark Karo syrup is made from real molasses, while other sources state that it merely has a molasses taste or flavor.

Whatever the case may be, corn kero syrup for infant constipation is sweet like sugar, and it has been proven to stimulate the intestinal tract of the infant, basically kick-starting the bowel movement of the baby, thus proving that it is good for infant constipation. And because Karo corn syrup has a pleasant taste, it is much easier to get the baby to eat the substance than it is to get him/her to take chemical laxatives or any other laxatives that are commonly used for infants.

There is a common misconception that Karo syrup for infant constipation should not be given to children. This misconception, however, resulted from the general belief that honey is not good for children because of the bacteria that it may contain. While honey is a whole new subject, I can recommend using Karo syrup for your baby/toddler. Unlike honey, Karo syrup does not contain any bacteria. In fact, it is a much-needed source of energy for your baby, especially when the infant has been deprived of energy as a result of constipation.

Karo syrup differs from ordinary corn syrup in that it is a high fructose substance, while ordinary corn syrup is made from purified glucose.

The benefit of giving your infant Karo syrup lies in the fact that it has none of the side effects that regular corn syrup has. For instance, while regular corn syrup cannot be given to diabetic people, Karo syrup can be given in moderation.

Because it contains no glucose, Karo syrup for infant constipation is a low GI substance. It is therefore totally safe to use for the relief of your baby’s constipation, without fear of your child becoming obese. It may also be beneficial to note that, while there is a strong support front for using Karo syrup for infant constipation, there is also an equally strong front for not using Karo syrup for your children’s constipation.

Many people are of the opinion that that Karo is definitely not the way to go. These people are usually strong supporters of natural remedies such as herbs, fruits, etc. There is also a medical faction that advises against the practice of using Karo syrup for infant constipation.

While it is good to use constipation prevention methods such as regular potty breaks, fiber-rich food, lots of fruit and veggies and as little white starchy foods as possible, when the infant does come down with a bout of constipation Karo syrup is of definite benefit to you as well as your child. But definitely be on the alert for signs such as blood in the stool or on the toilet paper, severe stomach cramps, no bowel movements after one or two doses of Karo syrup and a pale facial complexion where your child usually has bright eyes and rosy cheeks. Better be safe than sorry, so when you notice anything irregular with your infant’s stool, a trip to the doctor or pediatrician becomes an absolute necessity. Rather pay the doctor an unnecessary trip, than having your child taken up into ICU because of negligence.

How to feed Karo syrup to your baby? If you are going to give your baby Karo corn syrup for constipation it should be given in water. It is a waste to put corn syrup in the baby formula since only a small percentage is taken into the baby’s system. The baby does not really benefit from corn syrup in baby formula. About 1 teaspoon of Karo syrup in about 4-6 ounces of water is sufficient to relieve your baby’s constipation. Also, don’t forget the traditional methods of relieving infant constipation such as giving your baby prune juice or papaya. Many children do not like papaya because it can be a bit tasteless. Papaya can be made more attractive to your baby by mixing some Karo syrup into the mashed papaya. Karo syrup can be used for children of all ages to relieve constipation. Even a two-month-old baby can benefit from this sweet gut remedy.

Can Karo syrup be used as a treat or a topping for sweet snacks? Yes. Like golden syrup or maple syrup, Karo syrup can be used on fritters, flapjacks, crumpets, pancakes, and even ice cream. And when more than 1 year old, Karo syrup can be fed to your toddler neat, without being diluted with water. And it will still work for the relief of infant constipation. The vanilla flavor of light Karo syrup is bound to become very popular among children. And even adults may find this lightly sweet syrup very tasty. And once again, it comes without the known side effects of regular corn syrup, and it can be used by diabetics.

Where can you buy Karo syrup? Karo syrup can be found on the shelves of most regular grocery stores such as Walmart, together with other types of syrup such as maple syrup. Prices will differ from store to store and will sell in different currencies across the world. It can even be bought online. Walmart currently stocks it at around $2.70 for a 16 oz container. When in doubt, use Karo syrup for infant constipation.



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