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Side Effects of Constipation

Constipation is a condition that can only be fully understood once you have experienced the condition for yourself. Sometimes the side effects of constipation can be more severe than the actual condition. I once knew a lady that died in hospital after she was admitted for treatment of a fecal impaction (when the stool compacts to the solid form within the bowels and cannot be passed naturally at all under any condition, no matter what) following a bout of severe constipation. This lady was my mother in law.

Medicines, intestines, foods you eat and laxatives can all cause constipation from time to time.

side-effects-of-constipationWhile her bowels were being cleared by medical personnel of the compacted stool, she suffered a heart attack and because she could not turn around to ring the bell for the nurses to come and help her, she became unconscious without anyone noticing. She stopped breathing and sustained brain damage. She died in a coma two weeks later.

The situation as relayed above is a worst case scenario, but that does not mean that other less impacting cases of constipation are not serious. Constipation is sometimes seen as a mere “inconvenience”, and not many people actually realize the dangers involved with constipation and it’s side effects until they become inflicted with this condition themselves.


Some of the side effects of constipation are as followings:

Stress is a well-known fact that stress causes constipation, but stress can also be a side effect of constipation. You are stressed out, become constipated because of the way that your body handles the stress, and then constipation cause you to stress even more. It becomes a vicious circle, and unless the stress is effectively treated, you will always have this response where you become constipated because of the stress. So, stress literally becomes a side effect of constipation.

Cramps, when you are constipated your stomach, and ultimately your entire abdomen, aches. These aches are caused by the stomach and intestines contracting to try and get rid of the stool that is either hard already, or in the process of becoming hard. And the longer it takes you to the point where you actual eliminate the waste, the longer the cramps cause havoc in your body and turmoil in your mind and emotions… once again leading to stress, so the cramps also become part of the vicious circle, unless you can successfully get rid of what is causing the cramps.

Constipation is painful, but you do not have to endure. Try these home constipation remedies to track down your digestive system.

Fatigue is also a side effect of constipation. Because you are constipated and stressed and are having cramps all the time, you become fatigued to the point where you hardly want to move anymore. So as you can see, constipation causes a snowballing effect where you are tired all the time because you have cramps all the time because you cannot “go”. You are constantly stressed out, so what initially caused constipation has now become a side effect of constipation caused by it.

Lethargy – So this whole vicious circle type of a situation causes you to not really want to even move at all. And come to think of it, you actually cannot really move around because you can hardly stand at all, because, on top of it all, you are feeling bloated beyond all imagination.

Feeling bloated is yet another side effect of constipation. As is nausea, and sometimes even vomiting.

What should I do? So how do you get out this situation of not being able to do anything? The only way is to go to the toilet and eliminate the waste that is inside of you. And that is where everything is supposed to begin: with regular bowel movements. Going to the toilet regularly is basically your best defense against this thing called “constipation”.

A very good start would be to make sure you “go” at least once a day. Next is to go when you get the urge, and NOT to wait. As soon as you have accomplished that, the fight is halfway over, and you can begin to tell your “constipation”, and all of its side effects, to take a hike!

Next would be to make sure that you eat correctly. Bread, pasta, white rice, etc should be replaced with more healthy options such as fruit, brown rice, veggies, etc. All of these contain a good amount of fiber that will keep you going when you need to.

Good amounts of quality exercise will keep the bowel movements flowing. If you cannot afford to join a good physical training center, then walk. Walking is just as good if not better… and a LOT cheaper.

Let’s see some useful ways to treat side effects of constipation:

Stress – Let’s begin with stress. When you are stressed, whether it is as a side effect of constipation or as a result of something else, you need to get to a point where you can rest and relax. Walking can be quite relaxing if you do not overdo it. Relaxing in a pool is just as good. And for those of us that like to practice Yoga, that is good too. Just so long as you get enough exercise, relaxation and “me”-time.

Cramps can be easily sorted by eliminating, and that is easily accomplished by exercise, good diet and keeping your gut flora where it should be. A “good” diet should contain enough fiber-rich foods such as fruit, veggies, etc. Enough protein is also important, and that can be accomplished by eating meat, fish, eggs, etc.

Oil, especially Olive Oil, Is very good to help your empty your bowels. Other oils such as coconut oil and flax seed oil provide important fatty acids. Animal fats should also be included, and nuts and legumes also supply important nutrients.

Fatigue will already begin to dissipate after the former two side effects of constipation had been sorted out, because you will not feel so tired anymore after each exhausting trip to the bathroom. And then you will also feel less lethargic.

Baking soda – That feeling of being bloated can easily be treated with baking soda. A teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water will do the trick, as it immediately begins to release the gas that it forms within your belly and the gas makes its way to the outside by any of two means. Extra gas that was trapped inside gets released with the baking soda gas, and you immediately start feeling better.

And when all of these side effects of constipation becomes less and less, your spirit picks up and you begin to feel human again.

I hope you get rid of your specific side effects and your constipation soon.


If you have constipation, one of the most frequent digestive disorders.